Tomb Stone Translation from Hebrew - GOLDBERG and EISEN #general

Allan Karan


Max GOLDBERG married Jennie EISEN around 1910. I have their census
information >from 1920 and 1930. I have no information for Max GOLDBERG prior
to 1910 and after 1930. I was told in died early in the 1930?s after having
lost all his money in the real estate market. He may have committed
suicide. That is all the family verbal history about him. I have a complete
record of Jennie EISEN GOLDBERG >from 1920 onwards until her death in 1987.
Any help in finding information >from 1910 and back would be appreciated; in
addition to the following translations:

Viewmate picture 1>

The first grave stone is of Jennie GOLDBERG and I am looking for the
translation of her father's name and the English equivalent

Viewmate picture 2>

The second grave stone is of Jennie GOLDBERG's brother Philip GOLDBERG and I
am looking for his father's name (Which should be Max) and the English
Thank you in advance.

KARAN, CHORON, KHARAKH and KNIGER (Kopyl; Grozovo; Chepeli; Slutsk, Belarus),
PERSKY (Poltava, Ukraine); EPSTEIN (Kobrin, Belarus)

Allan S. Karan
White Plains, NY

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