Re: Posting family trees on-line #general

Sandra Levy <shula2933@...>

We should not put personal identifying information about living family
members on-line without their permission. Many people see this as an
invasion of their privacy.

Here is a link to an excellent article >from Microsoft warning about
potential identify theft, scam artists, credit hijackers, etc. that
gain personal information >from on-line genealogical web-sites.
This article >from Microsoft is too long to paste here in full so here
is the link::

Microsoft suggests the following when posting family trees on-line:

If you decide to publish genealogical data online for others to enjoy,
you should remove any personal information of all members shown,

Full names (use only initials when possible)
Social Security numbers
Complete dates of birth (show only the year instead)
Specific home addresses of family members, including former addresses
Phone numbers
E-mail addresses
Private affiliations, such as fraternities and sororities
Private holdings, such as real estate or deeds of trust

Shalom >from Jerusalem
Sandra Levy

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