Where is my uncle, Jacob WEINBERG? #general

sue kriloff

Dear Genners,

i am looking for my father's brother, Jacob WEINBERG, born 1/5/19,
Warsaw, Poland. Can you find him? In 1947, uncle Jacob came to Belgium
where he waited to go to Palestine. He never made it to Palestine.
Instead, he was sent to a refugee center in Brussels, Belgium. He
wrote a number of letters to the Belgian government about his poor
health resulting >from the camps, how terribly he was treated in
Belgium, and his desire to leave Belgium. In 1948, the Belgian
government removed him >from the refugee center and sent him back
to Poland. The Belgian and Polish governments don't know where he
was sent to in Poland.

He had an attorney while he was in the refugee center. The
attorney's name is unknown. I thought the attorney's records would
say where he went. I cannot locate these records.

Where is uncle Jacob?

I have done extensive research and cannot find the answer to this
question. I don't know where else to search. It will take great minds
to answer this question. Genners, you have great minds. Can you find
uncle Jacob?

Sue Kriloff

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