Posting trees on-line is dangerous #general


Forget a danger to privacy.
Posting Trees On Line (Genie, etc) is opening the door to identity theft!
Many times banks or other passwords will use family names for ID.
Putting ones names and ancestry on line is dangerous!

I used to work for a detective and the *first* place one goes to hunt
down someone is google. >from there one finds a wealth of information
including family trees, especially if one is dumb enough to put their
email or phone number on their personal material. (Periferally, this
is why FaceBook is such a problem. Especially if you have kids who go
crazy posting the most intimate and personal items about themselves
and your family all on line)

The best idea if one must post on-line is to start two or three
generations back, with your grandparents. Use their Hebrew names. For
someone researching family this is enough to find you.

On the other hand, for someone researching to rip off or scam someone,
there is not enough information to connect you to that person.
Especially if you are a woman and the names will be different anyways.
Plus, two generations back in the old country, they spelled the names
the way they did in Europe making you virtually invisible for predators
of information.

Use the old country spelling and not the American spelling.

Create another email address that does not have your name in it and set
it to forward to your regular address. Numbers are best. (*No* Personal
ID numbers such as birthdays, address, etc)

I get very upset with people who post my name and info on line.
This is the height of irresponsibility!
Raanan S. Isseroff
The Shetl Foundation

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