Missing KANTOROWITZ cousin from 1912 #general

Jenny Schwartzberg

Dear All,

I just looked again at my great-great-grandfather Leib KANTOROWITZ's
passenger manifest, >from when he arrived in Philadelphia on 10 July 1912
on the SS Breslau. He is listed as Leib Kanterowicz and traveled with
his wife Sara Leia and his youngest son, Issak Kanterowicz. Their
closest relative in the old country was a cousin Arkus Kanterowicz,
Baranovici, Minsk, Russia. I have no idea who this cousin was. I don't
know anything about Leib's parents or siblings so I really would like to
know if anyone has on their tree someone who fits this mystery cousin.

Leib's family was supposedly originally >from Baranovici, but they moved
around a lot because he was a forester. He lived for a while in Turetz,
the home of his wife's family.

Hopefully yours,
Jenny Schwartzberg
Chicago, IL

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