Ramati Family #general

seham lewis <sehamlewis@...>

Hello, I am trying to contact any one of the following people
below or their relatives to see if we are related. My name was
Ramadan and is now Lewis. I live in the U.S. I'm trying to use as
much discretion as possible and be respectful to the privacy of any Ramati.

The following 4 resided in Jerusalem. The date was July 13, 1944.
It could be found on Palestinian Gazette pg. 634.
1. Yehuda Alexander Ramadan - now Yehuda Alexander RAMATI
2. Yusef Haim Ramadan - now YOSEF HAYIM RAMATI
3. Elhanan Zvi Ramadan - now Elhanan TSEVI RAMATI
4. Toorkia Ramadan - now RIVQA RAMATI

The last 3 resided in Tel Aviv. The date was Jun 8, 1944. Pg. 533 of
Palestine Gazette
5. Ilana Ramadan - now Ilana RAMATI
6. Tamar Ramadan - now Tamar RAMATI
7. Zion Shlomo Ramadan - now - Zion SHELOMO RAMATI

Best Regards,
Seham Lewis

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