Genealogical Success Story: Georgia HIRSCH Found! (TAUBE-EYBESCHUETZ) #general

roe kard

In the name of the TAUBE-EYBESCHUETZ-HIRSCH-HEGEDUS families I would
like to thank JewishGen and all the people who reached out to help in
our search for Georgia HIRSCH. We finally located her in Honduras and
she has joyously been reunited by phone with her two Survivor cousins
in Australia.

Through the months of searching, I found a tremendous amount of
information about Georgia?s father and other family members, but few
leads to her. The info I found was mainly from: Yahoo,,
her High School, people knocking on doors in the neighborhood where
she had lived, SSDI, etc.

I put a question onto JewishGen, Latin American SIG, and GesherGalicia
SIG. I also sent a note to the 30 people researching the name
?EYBESCHUETZ? under the assumption that it is a unusual name. I had
quite a few responses. Following are those on the ?critical path.?

One person did a search under Google, rather than Yahoo, and found an
article that told us the name of the college >from which she had
graduated. >from this I learned that all servers are not alike: always
check Google. I then contacted her university and its alumni
association and put notes out to fellow alumni.

Another person told us that her 106-year old father used to play
Bridge with Georgia?s father and would be happy to speak with her
about her father.

Another person was very surprised to actually recognize a name
attached to a posting and told us about a school in Honduras with
which Georgia is affiliated. This person then contacted relatives and
friends in Honduras and they were the ones who found her. This teaches
me that if you post a request, always post it a few times, over time.
If the person who responded to this request had not read the postings
on that day, it would have taken still more work to find Georgia. On
the other side, if you recognize a name being searched for, PLEASE
read the posting.

I am very thankful to JewishGen and all who are a part of this
extended family.

Best regards,
aka gitel chaye eta ROSENFELD ROKART

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