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Dear All

Not long ago I posted regarding David FEINBERG(sp)
married to Sifre TISMAN in Hackney, 1936. I've been
sent a photo of a David...who 'may' be the
same person and related to Max (Meir/Myron) FINEBERG who
married Jane BARNETT at Shaw Street Synagogue, Everton,
in 1915. Jane poss born in Liverpool, 1898.
At the time of the marriage the address was 31 Upper Pitt
St, Liverpool.

Max was >from Ekaterinovsky and arrived in Liverpool in 1914.
He was a tailor and seaman and had several siblings..names
unknown. His parents were Lena SONTAG and Baruch (Bernard/
Barnet) FINEBERG/FINBERG. Max and Jane's children were born in
England and the U.S. Family were also in London, Manchester
and Sheffield.

There was a Benjamin FINEBERG, born around 1875, who was
a lodger with the TIEMAN family in the 1901 census at
13 Talbot Street, Edge Hill, St Jude. I'm not sure if he is
connected to Max and/or David. If the photo of David is not
David FINEBERG then it will be a photo of David PARIS.

Please contact me on a1steve@... with any connection.

Naomi Ogin

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