Jerry (Gerry) SCHWARTZ #general


I am trying to locate a cousin, my fathers cousin's son, Jerry (Gerry)
SCHWARTZ. Jerry was the son of Irving and Birdie Schwartz >from Brooklyn.
Jerry had a brother Arthur who was married to Millie. Jerry was a student for
many, many years. I know that he was in college in CA way back when. I
can only guess that Jerry would be in his early 80's. He was the grandson
of Kreindel (Caroline) and Marcus Schwartz. Kreindel and my grandfather
Nathan Segal were brother and sister.
Any information I can get on Jerry would be most appreciated and if we can
make contact that would be fantastic.
Our family is very small insofar as his grandmother and my grandfather
were the only siblings in America who had children. Jerry had an Aunt Adele
who had 2 daughters, Lilyanne and Gilda and my grandfather had two children,
Estelle and Jack. Jack was my Dad. Estelle had one son Harold and my
parents had 2 children, my brother Stanley and myself, Lois.
I believe that Jerry would have a Doctorate degree.
I thank you in advance for all of your help.
Lois Segall Friedman
Delray Beach, FL formally >from NJ

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