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David Rubin

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"I am trying to find information about a synagogue located at 217 Forsyth
St. in Manhattan circa 1900. The name of the Rabbi is some variation of
Philip Kavalski. I have a marriage certificate with the address but
cannot make out the name of the synagogue nor of the Rabbi. I had
previously posted this, but this time I am including the entire
certificate in case that helps.

The name available is unreadable to me, but here is a summary of
previous attempts to read it:

Jewish Achaim Osase ??
Lewis Askenase [Glyborn?]
Jewis_ Achaim osase Glybohn? or Glykoln
Lewis Asheim Wiase/Wiese?? Glyb**

The link on viewmate for this is

Marc DVer "


I have included the entire original post as the origin of this
thread seems to have been lost.

I am sure 217 Forsyth was the residence of the Rabbi not the Synagogue.
The closest Synagogue I found to that name was Ahawath Achim Anshe Gluboke
on 87 E Broadway. Possibly he wrote "Service achim onshe Glybok???"
as this looks close to what is on your viewmate. At times, Gluboke was part
of Russia, Belarus and Poland and was also known as Glebokie, Glubokoje.

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