Re: Information On Synagogue at 217 Forsyth St. Manhattan #general

Marc DVer <mdver@...>

I have been under the weather, but I intend to thank everyone who helped
individually. Let this be considered a preliminary thank you.

As for why I thought that 217 Forsyth was the location of a synagogue,
the short answer is "oops".

The long answer is that the marriage certificate I obtained listed the
Rabbi's name, official station, and residence. I had assumed that the
marriage took place in the synagogue, and therefore the address was for
the synagogue. It has been pointed out that the marriage did not have
to take place in the synagogue proper.

Thank you all who answered. Anyone else who wants to take a look at the
certificate can feel free to take a stab at it, as the official station
is so illegible that any guesses are welcome.

Marc DVer

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