Accessing Belgium trial transcripts #general


I would greatly appreciate help on this,

How can I access, >from the US, the transcripts of a trial that took
place in Brussels during the summer of 1947.

Briefly, it involves the trial of three Jews who were convicted of
kidnapping a German fellow off the streets of Brussels in May of 1947.
The three put on trial were Alexandre GOURARY, his brother Samuel, and
Paul or (Saul) BRAUN. They were found guilty and sent to prison.
However, shortly after Israel was established, David Ben Gurion
made a special appeal to Belgium to release the three early.
Belgium officials honored that request and the three were set free.

I assume such trial transcripts still survive and remain part of the
public record. The question is how can one in the US view them?

Many thanks for your help.

Eva Berlin

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