Obituary wording: What does "B'Red" mean? #general

Sharon Zane <sharonzane@...>

In the obituary of a cousin of my mother, published in Alberta, CA, it says:
"Michael was one of three brothers born to Moshe B'Red Asher Zehleg and Rebecca."
What does "B'Red" stand for? I had thought that Michael was the son of Moshe, and
the grandson of Asher Zehleg, and I wonder whether this term "B'Red" confirms that?

Complicating this is the inscription on Michael's tombstone, which in Hebrew, I am
told by two Israeli friends, reads "Michael, son of Asher Zelig."

Thank you in advance!

Sharon Zane
New York City

Researching: ROJCHMAN, Wyshgorodok, Ukraine LINOV, Yevpatoria, Crimea ZEGELBAUM,
Pulawy, Poland HERBST, Pulawy (and maybe Radom), Poland WAJNSTZOK, Pulawy or
environs, Poland SZTOKBAUM, Wawolnica, Poland, and Pulawy, Poland ZACHAREK, Nowe
Miasto and Plonsk, Poland FELMAN, Plonsk, Poland

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