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Dear All,

I am a 2g searching for any information about my grandfather Meyer Andor Pollak who
lived in Miskolc, Hungary. He must have been born around 1890 but we do not know if
he was born in Miskolc. He was a tailor. We know nothing more about his family &
while I have scanned all the records available on line have been unable to trace
his birth, marriage or death. He married my grandmother Bella Sima Grunzweig [Feuer
was also her famlly name] in about 1920. We think they lived in Miskolc until my
grandmother left to go back to her home town of Jasina in about 1927. They had 3
sons, my father Baruch [Vojtech Bela] Pollak survived & settled in London, England.

If you have any info on my family we will be deeply garteful. We have so little
info & are eager to know more.
In thanks
Sharon Pollak , Philadelphia PA

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