Re: Obituary wording: What does "B'Red" mean? #general

yehuda frischman

Sharon Zane wrote:
In the obituary of a cousin of my mother, published in Alberta, CA, it says:
"Michael was one of three brothers born to Moshe B'Red Asher Zehleg and Rebecca."
What does "B'Red" stand for? =A0I had thought that Michael was the son of Moshe,
and the grandson of Asher Zehleg
Hi Sharon,

I believe that the "d" should be instead read as a "b", and instead should read,
" Moshe B'Reb Asher Zehleg and Rebecca." That is an abbreviated form of writing,
Moshe the son of the esteemed Asher Zehleg....

All the best,

Yehuda Frischman

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