Some tips . . . #austria-czech

E. Randol Schoenberg

Periodically, I like to invite the people who have recently joined the
list to send us all an e-mail at
introducing yourself and describing your research interests. Remember to
capitalize all surnames, sign your message with your name and location,
avoid using accented characters, and send in plain next only, not HTML.

It also doesn't hurt to remind everyone of the great resources on JewishGen,
all reachable >from the AustriaCzech website at

1. JGFF (Family Finder), Every three
months or so you should check your surnames and towns in the JGFF. They get
hundreds of new entries every day. Try using a D-M Soundex search type to
get all variations on the spelling of surnames. Also don't forget to search
your ancestral towns (leaving the surname field blank in the search form),
because that is a great way to locate potential cousins or others who might
have information that is useful to you. If you find someone who might not
be aware of BohMor, please invite them to join us.

2. FTJP (Family Tree of the Jewish People), You should also regularly do surname and
town only searches in FTJP. You never know whom you will find on someone
else's tree. If you have not yet submitted your tree to FTJP, now is a great
time to do it. If you use a genealogy program, it takes just a couple of
minutes to submit the data.

3. Discussion Group and SIG List Archives, These are archives of all messages
posted to the JewishGen discussion group or to Special Interest Groups like
AustriaCzech. Searching these databases is especially good for more recent
members who may not have seen all the old postings.

4. AustriaCzech Search Engine,
Remember that the AustriaCzech web site has a search engine that will allow
you to search for names and towns throughout our extensive web site.

5. Our feature articles -- Getting Started with Czech-Jewish genealogy,, and the Beginner's
Guide to Austrian-Jewish Genealogy, --
also have links to sites where you can conduct searches and make

6. We always welcome contributions to the website, especially to
GemeindeView, The Web Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities in Bohemia and

7. As more and more people get e-mail, please remember to invite your
relatives and friends to subscribe to the Austria-Czech SIG at

8. For those of you taking trips back to Austria or the Czech Republic, it
is a good idea to post a message to the group outlining your trip, in case
anyone has some advice or a special request. We also all love to read
reports about your trips when you come back.

Randy Schoenberg
SIG Coordinator
Los Angeles, CA

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