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Dear Saul & all,

Please pardon this late reply - my computer system has not been
working well and I am dreadfully behind in my electronic correspondence.

I would take exception to Alexander Sharon's analysis of this query.

I believe that the town in question is Wiznitz [4815 - 2511]. >from JG
Town Seach - alternate names: Vizhnitsa [Rus], Vijnita [Rom], Wiznitz
[Ger], Vizhnitz [Yid], Vyzhnytsya [Ukr], Wyznica [Pol], Wischnitz,
Wischnitza, Vyzhnytsia, Vizshnitz, Viznits depending on the language
spoken and the year asked. It is 35 miles W of Chernivtsi (Tschernowitz),
25 miles WNW of Storozhynets (Strozshnitz), on the Cheremosh River (the
border between Galicia and Bukovina).

Why was it spelled "Wojnetz" in the document? One thought - often we
mis-hear a name or cannot really understand someone's pronunciation.
I would think it was a mishearing - so many towns, so many people to
process.... Another thought - who wrote the town name on the citizenship
form? Was that a script 'j' or really a 'z'? Good penmanship and/or
good spelling probably was not a requirement for completing the document.

As part of my family hails >from this region [Putila, Wiznitz, Dorna Vatra,
Kuty, Kolomyya, Jablonow, Kosov, Buczacz, etc.,] this geographically
closer answer jumped out at me. There aren't any WAND families listed
in the area in the JGFF or in the Family Trees posted in FTJP but the
surname might not have been WAND originally. Good luck in your searches.

Happy 2010! to all,
Shellie Wiener
San Francisco, CA


On Wed, 28 Oct 2009 "Alexander Sharon" <a.sharon@...> wrote:

Subject: Re: Where is shtetl "Wojnetz"?

Sometime family legends may lead to the dead end.

Town in question is Wojnicz, Brzesko district, Krakow Province, Poland,
located about half way between Brzesko and Tarnow.
You can pinpoint location through ShtellSeeker at 4958 2050.

But this place is not even close to Chernivtsi.

Town was only introduced to JGFF database exactly two years ago by a
researcher >from Netanya. Wojnicz had 163 Jewish residents.

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland places majority of the WAND surnames
in Krakow and Tarnow region.

And the last proof that Wojnicz is a correct town for elusive "Wojnetz"
is Poland's 1929 Business Directory...

On page 481 in the entry for Wojnicz (please refer to the direct link
below) under the
heading "Rzeznicy" (Butchers), "M. WAND" name appears.

Best Regards,

Alexander Sharon
JGFF Editor

--- Original message ---
Saul Marks wrote

I'm researching a family of the surname WAND & I now have the
naturalisation papers for a Louis WAND (b. 1864) who took British
citizenship in 1908. His place of birth is given as "Woynetz" in
the Empire of Austria.

ShtetlSeeker as usual provides many hundreds of soundex possibilities.
Family legend has it that they originated >from Chernowitz in Galicia
(now Chernivtsi in the Ukraine) but none of the most likely ShtetlSeeker
hits for Woynetz are anywhere near Chernivtsi.

If anyone has any ideas I'd be very interested in hearing them.

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