Re: Name change documents, 20th century ?New York #general

Bob Wexler


Be prepared to *not* find any proof.

Before Social Security a person may have just started using a different
name with no need to file any legal papers.

Some of my GREENBERG family merely just started using TRAEGER as their
last name as they thought it was the original family name back in
Russia. One member told me he changed his name when he moved from
Western NY to California. On the other hand, one of his brothers, an
optician, did file such change of name papers in a court.

In another family, one of my mother's uncles named Saul SIMON became
George SIMPSON after some 'unpleasantness' removed himself >from the
family and was seen just once again in 1941. I'm still trying to trace

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From: DEBORAH HOLMAN <deborah.holman@...>
Date: Sat, January 02, 2010 7:13 pm

Where would I search to find proof of a name change? My grandfather
born Aaron Edgar SAMUEL (b. 1905 Brooklyn, NY) apparently changed the
order of his first and middle names as he thought it sounded better
(according to my aunt!)

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