Re: Klimkowce -----> KLINGHOFFER #galicia

Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

In regard to the posting about Klinghoffer, I believe that the following
should be considered:

The Klinghoffer family was in Drohobycz (as well as nearby Boryslaw) for
many generations. The name itself refers to a gorge or ravine/farm or where
the person may have been the arrendar, i.e., the leaseholder or manager of
the farm.

Klimkowce, the village, may indeed have been where the original farm was
located. As I don't know what the definition of Klimkowce may be, I can't
say that Klinghoffer was derived >from it.

In regard to Klimkowce not being close to Drohobycz, my family came to
Drohobycz >from Krakow. Therefore, it was not unusual for families to come
from places far removed or not close to Drohobycz. Drohobycz had many
things going for it economically >from earliest times and tended to attract
people >from other places whether close by or further away.

Ann Rabinowitz

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