Researching ny great-great grandfather #general

Malcolm Courtney <malcolm.courtney@...>

I continue to search for my great great grandfather who, my late uncle
confirmed, was a rabbi and dayan. I know that my great-grandmother's
parents were most unhappy that she only married a tailor, (although
admittedly the tailor to a count!), so this makes me hopeful that the
information concerning her father is correct.

My great great grandfather's surname, (I assume he had one), would
have been Yacobson/Yakubson (or similar variations) and his other
names were Abram Isaac. I do not know with any certainty his nationality
beyond 'Russian'. His daughter, Dine, (born circa 1850) was variously said
to have come >from Lithuania and Prussia, and had lived in Riga, Lemsal and
Salismunde. The fact that both she and my grandmother (her daughter),
Taube-Gite, spoke fluent German inclines me to think she was either Prussian
or >from Courland.

If these names mean anything to any member, or there is any advice as
to how I might further and refine my research then suggestions would
be most welcome. I cannot believe that I am the only member of my family
researching these ancestors, but with no response over the past 7-8 years
am beginning to think this is the case!

Thank you.

Geraldine Courtney, UK

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