Opening a group page on Facebook #general


Dear Group.
I have recently posted a message on how a cousin had found me on a Group page on
Facebook, called: "My Last Name is Sonnenfeld"

Some of you have asked how can one open such account. I replied each query but
some of the e-mails came back, probably due to a fault of my Email program, so
some of you never received my reply.

In case you want to open a "Group Account" on Facebook with the family name you
are searching for in it the way of doing this is as follows:
1, Go to "Open an Account"
2, Go to "Groups"
3. Click on "Create a Group"
4, Fill in all the boxes. Make sure you make the page "public" so anybody can
access it.
5, Write on the "wall" some details that you don't mind strangers seeing but
still enough info for a cousin to recognize you as a family member.

To look for a Group already existing is more simple:
1,Write the name you are researching into the "Search" box.
2,Look at all the "Groups". There are quite a number of groups with the aim of
finding people with the same family name.

I think group pages work very will in case of searching for extremely common
names. Though finding a person through this requires a good deal of luck.
I wish you lots of "luck"
New Zealand

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