Re: Looking for family of Samuel Srulowitz #general

David Rubin writes:
Samuel arrived in NYC in 1906 on the Kaiserin Auguste Victoria >from Hamburg. He
states this on his Petetion for Naturalization but I have never been able to find
a passenger record for him.
In the Ellis Island database there is a Stoine Stulowicz that arrived >from Hamburg
on the Kaiserin Auguste Victoria on May 20, 1906. I noticed on his petition that he
wrote May 25, 1906. If you look at the manifest this is clearly SRULOWICZ. The
first names appears to look like Shime not Stoine. You can compare the -h- with the
-h- in Chicago which is written several times on the manifest. There is also
a crossed -t- in Detroit.

David Rubin

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