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Jacob Dinenso(h)n was b. . 1856, New Zagare (Lithuania) d. 1919 Warsaw. A popular
Yiddish romantic novelist, a friend of I. L. Peretz and Izak Meyer Dick. He d. 1933
and is buried in the Jewish cemetery of Gesia, Warsaw. He does not appear to have

His sister, according to various obituaries, was Sarah Bella Eva Abrahams, the
daughter of Elias Abrahams and ?, was born in Zagare in Lithuania circa 1867. She
arrived in South Africa in the early 1880s with her husband Marcus Glueck who was
born in Kletzkow, Germany in 1867. They were married in the States and had 2
children, Frieda Hannah who was born in 1889 in Charleston, South Carolina and
Percival Joseph who was born circa 1891 in Birmingham, Alabama. she was noted as a
heroine of the Anglo-Boer War.

I am trying to establish how they were related, and who their mother was.
Saul Issroff

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