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Marlene Bishow <mlbishow@...>

From: "Trudy Barch" <>
"The young gal is telling me strongly not to include the 2nd wife or her children.
She says the 2nd wife was a mean person and they have not spoken to her since dad
passed away..."

Hi Trudy:

Since the woman's children are not the offspring of your cousin, I would not
include them (unless he adopted them), but I would include the name of his second
wife. I would try to explain to the young lady that it is not a good practice to
leave a spouse out of the record, even if they are not nice people. I would tell
her that you are leaving the children out because they are not related.

I personally would include the names of her children in the notes for her, with a
statement that they resided with their mother and her husband during their
formative years.

We walk a fine line when we are asked to change or omit facts.

Good luck,
Marlene Bishow
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Jewish Genealogy society of Greater Washington
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