Looking for the family of Sam Srulowitz #general

Fred Selss

I really want to thank everyone that sent me information. David Rubin did indeed
find the correct Passager Manifest for Shoine Srulowicz, which had been
searching for many years but overlooked this entry. It just shows how the
JewishGenDiscussion group can really help one another. I have crashed through
another "brick wall" and I have a new piece of information to investigate >from the
manifest.The manifest gives a town in Austria as his last know residence Tbrish or
Ibrish or Zbrish. His half brother Bene also lists Austria as his place of birth
on a Census Record.Kamyanets-Podilskyy, Ukraine was 22 miles >from the border of
Galicia so know I will check out this surname in Galicia and Poland.Thank you
Fred Selss
Palm Beach County, FL

David Rubin writes: On the Ellis Island database there is a Stoine Stulowicz that
arrived >from Hamburg on the Kaiserin Auguste Victoria on May 20, 1906. I noticed
on his petition that he wrote May 25, 1906. If you look at the manifest this is
clearly SRULOWICZ. The first names appears to look like Shime not Stoine. You can
compare the -h- with the-h- in Chicago which is written several times on the
manifest. There is also a crossed -t-in Detroit.

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