Looking for the Family of Manny Brooks #general

Fred Selss

I am looking for the family of Manny Brooks,( who was also known as Jochaim Brock,
Brok, Emanuel Brooks and Mannie Brooks) who immigrated >from Golub-Dobrzyn in 1912.
His parents were Abraham Joseph Brok and Rae Marion (Ruckel)(Utczywaik) Owajak who
were married circa 1877. Manny was my wife's Grandfather. He owned a business
that made ladies hats and Camp Raliegh in Livingston Manor. He was married to
Sophie Oscheyack in 1913, NY, They had 3 children Lester, Arnold and Merle all
deceased. Manny Brooks who brought his brothers-in-laws, sister-in law and nieces
and nephews >from Golub-Dobrzyn,Poland to NY between 1921-1923 saved all 21 of them
from the Holocaust which wiped out Dobrzyn,I have akready looked through Poland
Records Indexing and I also have all of their Passenger Records and Census of 1930
Records and then I lose them. I am looking for the decendents of the following
people so that I can connect with my wife's grandfather's family.

Manny's brother-in-law-arrived first on the SS Susquehanna >from Danzig to NY on
Nov. 3 1920 HERTZ BLUM (changed to Max Blum)( born 1874) arrived with daughters
Golda Rifka(born 1902) and Biny (born 1903 (name changed to Betty). He was a
shoemaker and by 1930 lived in the Bronx. He was married in Golub-Dobrzyn to wife
Leja name changed to Leah Bloom (born 1878) in 1894. She and their daughters
arrived SS Caponic >from Danzig Sept 5 1923. Daughters names were changed by 1930
Cesus >from Szewa to Sholin (born 1907) , >from Chasa to Helene (born 1913), >from
Ita to Edna (born 1915) and >from Rochel Marja to Muriel (born 1919). I think
Muriel married Lee Sieler and had a daughter Madeline and a son. They lived on
Long Island, NY. This family may also have family in Chicago, IL and Miami, FL.
Because they are all girls I am having difficulty in tracing them.

His other brother-in-law was a Rabbi Hertz Gabjer (Rabbi Harry Gaiber)( Yarber) who
became Rabbi in Plattsburgh, NY before moving to the Bronx between 1923-1930.
Rabbi Gaiber arrived in NY on the SS Kasiren Auguste Victoria >from Liverpool,
Engalnd on Jan 10, 1921. His married in 1905 to Manny's sister Hendel (born 1886).
She changed her name to Helen and died about 1942 in US. She and her children all
came on the SS Caponic with the rest of the family mentioned above. Their children
were: Szoel (born Jan 31 1908) who changed it to Seymour Gaiber and died Dec 1963.
Chawa who changed her name to Evelyn and was born 1912. Israel who was born 1913
and changed his name to Emmanuel and died March 25, 1946, NY. Abraham Jozef (born
March 4 1916) who changed his name to Joseph Gaiber and died Feb 17 1988, Rockland
County, NY and Ruchia Marjem Gaiber (born 1919) who changed her name to Muriel or
Marion Rachel and might have moved to MA.

Manny's brother Icek Brook arrived on the SS Canada to Portland Maine >from
Liverpool on March 27,921 and was helped by HIAS Boston. His birth name in
Golub-Dobrzyn was Szlowa Itzik Brok. He was born in 1894. He died Nov 22 1956 in
Manhattan. He was a photographer but by 1930 worked as a hat blocker. His wife and
children all came on the SS Caponic with the others on Sept 5 1923. His wife was
named Bajia Brok. This was later changed to Betty. She was born in 1893 and they
were married in 1910. She was also a photographer. Their children were: Faija
who changed her name to Frances (born 1916) Abram Josef Brok who changed his name
to Jerome or Jerry Brooks (born 1917). ( He married and had a son Fred Brooks.)
Miriam who changed her name to Muriel Brooks( born 1918) and Ruth Brooks born 1926
in NY Icek was also known as Sol Brooks and Saul Brooks and his Yiddish name was
Yitzchzk Shlomo.

If you can help me trace any of these families I would appreciate it.
Fred Selss
Palm Beach County Florida

Searching: Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Rockland County, Livingston Manor,
Plattsburgh , New York Chicago, IL, Miami, FL Golub-Dobrzyn,Prussia now Poland:

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