Help finding Bronx NY cousins and relatives #general

Avigdor Ben-Dov <avigdorbd@...>

Thanks to all of you out there for all the help with the Baltimore cousins. It was
a success story and opened up a whole branch of my Uncle's family I did not know
about for 40 years.In the end, I must thank Zev Giner, a true genner and friend,
for a real find: he put me in touch with someone who seems to have the same tree as
I do only going back to Lita! There is even a side story of a wierd looping, two
cousins >from Wisconsin with the same surname married into my Rutkiewicz family, one
to my brother's daughter in the Chicago area and one to my Uncle's granddaughter in
Baltimore, but they apparently didn't keep in contact with one another and maybe
still don't know about this. What a small world and thanks again to all the
wonderful JewishGenners.

Now I would like to ask if someone can help with one more Aunt and Uncle in the
Bronx NY. My Uncle Abe in Baltimore had a sister, Chajka Leja Ida Rutkiewicz--who
lived in the Bronx NY. She's listed in the 1897 Lomza Census in the same family as
my Dad Berko (Beryl) Rutkiewicz. She was born in 1886 in my hometown, Zawady Poland
and lived in the Bronx with her husband Harold Harry Siegal. they both died in the
Bronx. I am not sure which one in the SSDI is really him, but I suppose that can
easily be checked and will give me some dates, but otherwise doesn't lead me to
real people. They had two daughters, Pauline and Sylvia. The first married a Harold
(surname unknown) and had two kids, Ruth and Michael. Sylvia m. Hyman (surname
unknown) and maybe there was one child, I don't know. That's it. No more contact or
anything for 40 years, since a little before my Dad died. No surnames to go on so I
am stuck. Answers here may complete my family tree of all my Dad's family and
descendents. If I get this info. then I can finally publish my Dad' entire family
and this month is his yahrzeit too. thanks for any help
Avigdor Ben-Dov
Kedumim, Israel

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