Lodz Ghetto Cemetery Burial List #general

Steven Lasky <steve725@...>

In advance of the Museum's large online exhibition later this year about
many of the Jewish Ghettos of Europe, I thought it would be good to make
available to you two lists comprised of nearly fourteen hundred names of
Jewish residents who perished in the Lódz Ghetto and were buried in the
cemetery there. You needn't look up a specific person's name in a database;
they are all there for you to see on a single web page.

These lists are by no means complete, as there were no doubt many more of
our ancestors who died in the Ghetto and were buried there. However, these
lists might just help some of you who had family in the Ghetto during World
War II with your Lódz family research. The lists give the names of the
deceased, and often the father's name, the date of death and age at death.

The lists come to you courtesy of the Lódz Jewish community through the
agency of Yad LeZehava (YZI) in Kedumim Israel and with the dedicated
cooperation of the officers and men in the IDF 'Witnesses in Uniform'

It should be noted once again that the Lodz Ghetto list of victims is not
complete, and also that there are no matzevot on the ground. The IDF plans
to mark the graves in April when they have the printed Hebrew-Polish markers

It is hoped that perhaps a list of an additonial five hundred burials will
be readied by sometime this Spring once the data is translated into Hebrew,
and then into English. Once this happens, I will acquire the new burial data
and add it to my Lódz Ghetto Cemetery page for all of you to see. Of
course, I will announce this if and when it comes to pass. This will most
likely bring the total number of burials in this particular list to close to
nineteen hundred.

Certainly if I acquire more burial data for this cemetery >from other sources
and gain permission to include it within my Museum website, I will and let
you know.

The current lists can be found at
www.museumoffamilyhistory.com/ce/ghetto/lodz-ghetto-cemetery.htm .

Steven Lasky
blog: http://museumoffamilyhistory.blogspot.com

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