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Dennis Wulkan

Seeking information on fate of my uncle Kurt Unger, b. 9 Nov. 1913 in

Believed by his 3 surviving sisters (Ruth, Margot, Lotte) and 2
surviving brothers to have died at sub-camp Golleschau, possibly on a
death march in Feb. 1945. That information is based on a report >from a
fellow prisoner who survived and is recorded on a Yad Vashem remembrance
card. However, ITS archives reveal a registration card in the name of
Kurt Unger (with correct ID information) dated 28 Oct. 1945 at the
Deggendorf DP. Also shown is a 28 July 1947 date at Deggendorf DP with
travel to Munich, out of the country, destination: USA, and a remark,
Joner, Frankfurt a/O, Lemberg.

Note that his sisters Ruth, Margot, and Lotte were also at the Deggendorf DP
in late 1945 and 1946 after surviving Theresienstadt and Auschwitz.
They were actively looking for their brother for some time,
but received a report in Deggendorf >from a fellow prisoner who said he
did not survive.

Background on Kurt Unger: Father Rabbi Siegmund Unger and mother Leah
Klein perished in Auschwitz. Lived in Chemnitz >from 1918-1933, then
Brno >from 1933-1941. Committed to Theresienstadt on 2 Dec. 1941,
transferred to Auschwitz on 29. Sept. 1944. Prisoner No. B-11373. Camp
Auschwitz/Commando Golleschau--28 Oct. 1944. Category: Jew.

It is possible Kurt Unger survived Golleschau, but also possible someone
used his identification in Deggendorf DP to obtain a better quota number
to emigrate to the USA. Any and all information, clues, leads, etc. can
be sent to dwulkan@.... Regards, Dennis Wulkan, Seattle,

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