WW1 German-language newspaper sources #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Anyone seriously studying the participation of Jews in WW1 and the effect of
the War on Jewish communities on Europe, must really learn German and many
other languages too. An excellent starting point is this website for about 100
German-language Jewish newspapers on line - totally free:

For example *Judische Korrespondenz* - even if you do not speak German you can
pick up the gist and place/family names - was a weekly paper devoted to Jewish
interests published in Vienna 1915 -1920. It then turns into the Judische

Most of the many German-language Jewish newspapers listed on the left-hand side
published in the period 1914-1918 have extensive coverage of WW1. I have come
across gallantry lists as well as lists of wounded and fallen soldiers.

It is a matter of searching, *when/if ever* you have little else to do but sit
at the computer and browse. Remember to write down the newspaper, date and page
number though - I often browse and *find*, but never write them down as there
is no direct relevance to me at the time!

I zapped at random now and found this fascinating edition >from Berlin
Judische Rundschau Jahrgang 1915 Band Heft 4 (22.1.1915)

On page 4 [actually p. 28 of the newspaper] Oesterreiche-Ungarn's Zionisten in
Felde [ie Zionist in the fields of War] - lots of names here of gallantry
medals, injured and fallen soldiers >from Moravia, Vienna, Budapest, Bukowina
etc - eg Robert ZWEIG >from Prossnitz and Sportsmen >from Vienna Otto REISS;
Fritz Wagner; Otto MUTZ were all killed.

These newspapers are a veritable goldmine for historians, genealogists, on
religious matters, zionism etc ie anyone interested in the enormously wide
scope they cover. They are unfortunately not searchable - you have to read

The above issue for example also has the obituaries of Carl GOLDMARK [Vienna]
and Narcisse LEVEN {Paris] on p 5.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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