Re: ViewMate ID 14587 #general

Mark Strauss

Thank you to all those who responded to my translation request. I now appreciate
that I was mistaken about the identity. Based on the responses, I now appreciate
that the photos are my great-great-grandparents on my mother's father's side. They
are Liebe (Lebya) Eliahu Broido/Brauda, son of Moishe; and husband of Miriam.
Liebe Eliahu was born in 1819 and died in 1892. Miriam was born in 1820. They were
from Vilna. All assistance is greatly appreciated.
All the best,
Mark Strauss in New York City
Seeking Brodie/Brody/Broada/Broido >from Vilna and Ziezmariai

PS: For the person on the discussion group who was looking for photos >from
Lithuania in the late 1800's, these may also be of interest. That request
prompted me to locate these photos...and learn how to use Viewmate.. writes:
I just submitted photos. (ViewMate ID 14587). I've been told that these
are my maternal great-grandparents. Chai Ephraimson and Vevile Rousuk. >from
Vilkaviskis Russia, now Lithuania. Many of their descendents immigrated
to Indianapolis and changed name >from Rousuk to Wolf.

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