JGSGW, Rockville, Maryland, March 7, Our Heritage and Our Health #general

Jeff Miller

Full Program Title: Whatever you wanted to know about Ashkenazi Jewish diseases;
a program about our heritage and our health Location: B'nai Israel, 6301
Montrose Road, Rockville, MD 20852-4120 Time: 1:00 PM Schmooze; 1:30 PM -
Business Meeting and Announcements 2:00 PM - Program
Speaker: Gary S. Frohlich, MS, CGC

Program Objectives: The purpose of this program is to provide up-to-date
information on the genetic conditions which occur more frequently in Jews of
Ashkenazi descent. Each of these disorders can be devastating, not only to those
affected, but to the families involved. This workshop will explore the diagnosis,
management, and treatment of all eleven of the Ashkenazi Jewish Genetic Conditions
with a focus on the most common Jewish Genetic disorder - Gaucher disease. More
than 9 out of 10 Jewish Americans are unaware of Gaucher disease. Approximately one
in 450 people may have Gaucher, and the carrier rate is approximately 1 in 14.
Gaucher disease is two and a half times more common that Tay-Sachs.

The objectives of the workshop are as follows:
1. To learn about "Founder Effect" among the Ashkenazim.
2. To gain knowledge about the eleven genetic conditions among the Ashkenazim.
3. To understand the signs and symptoms of Gaucher disease.

Gary Frohlich is Senior Medical Affairs Liaison and Certified Genetics Counselor
for Genzyme Therapeutics. Mr. Frohlich has been a genetic counselor over 35 years
and has seen over 26 thousand couples for genetic counseling. He is a published
author or both scientific articles as well as pamphlets on Ashkenazi Jewish

Cost for Program: Free to members of JGSGW. Non-members/visitors are welcome to
attend for a $5.00 fee. If a guest joins JGSGW the fee will be applied toward the
membership dues. Non-members may attend one meeting per year free - see certificate
on the Current Programs page of the JGSGW website More details including directions
available at http://www.jewishgen.org/jgsgw/

Jeff Miller, President, JGSGW
No. Virginia/Washington DC/Maryland
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