Marijampole District Internal Passport Records #general

Howard Margol

The first group of translated Marijampole district internal passport records,
1919-1940 - 506 records in all, have just been distributed to the qualified
donors. Many, many, more records remain to be translated. To receive these
records, as well as all of the remaining records that will be translated, a
minimum $100 contribution is required. To find out why internal passports were
required, as well as interesting information about them, go to

To make your contribution, scroll down to the bottom of the above site and click
on You can use your credit card as
the site is secure. Be sure and designate your contribution is for internal
passport records- Marijampole.

With some I. P. records the file includes the internal passport application as
well as various types of other documents. Unfortunately, the Marijampole district
files only contain lists of the applications. However, there is a very large
number of them, organized according to years and shtetls. For instance: Sasnava
shtetl internal passport lists 1928 - 1929, etc. The information consists of Name,
Surname, Passport number, passport issuing Date and the Place (shtetl or town)
where the person lived. In some cases, additional information is included.

In many cases, your ancestor said they lived in Marijampole but, in reality, they
lived in a shtetl near Marijampole. These records will give you an opportunity to
learn exactly where they lived in the district. Your ancestors may have left there
in the early 1900's but that does not mean the entire family left. Usually,
siblings, uncles, aunts, and cousins remained there and had to have an internal
passport. These records may uncover other relatives you are not even aware of. It
is worth this minimum price of admission to find out.

Howard Margol
Founder - Coordinator - internal passport project

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