Re: Jewish converts #general

Sarah L Meyer

Based on my understanding, it would certainly be possible for a Kohen
or a Levi to marry a daughter of converts. Clearly the male could not
be a convert, therefore the female would have had to be either a convert
or the daughter (or grand-daughter) of one. A Kohen, but not to my
knowledge a Levi, was not permitted to marry a convert, but there would
not be any prohibition against marrying a daughter of one.
My maternal grandfather was a Kohen and he (and I) as well as many of
my family have an epicanthal eye fold that is very prominent in infancy
and old age (but not between), which was so strong that when my son was
born, my OB and pediatrician went out of his way to reassure me that he
would have normal intelligence. (I had warned them that this was a
familial trait). My conjecture is that we must be descendants of the
Khazars, and I have spent a fair amount of time thinking about how this
could be, given that he was a Kohen.
Sarah L. M. Christiansen
Georgetown, TX

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