Searching: RISENBERG, RISSENBERG, Kastsyukovichy, Mogilevskaya obl., Belarus, 1860-1940. #belarus

Pavel Risenberg

Hi. I'm seeking information about the family and ancestors of Mendel RISENBERG
(who lived in Kastsyukovichy, Klimovichi, Mogilevskaya obl., Belarus).
I have only several facts -- he died before 1941, his father's name was Iosif,
his wife was Ida Zelikovna (birth name not available, unfortunately), they had
at least 3 children -- Iosif (born 1919 or 1922), Fannie (Faina, born 1914)
and Hatja (1926).

I've also heard (though this questionable, but could help) that Mendel
was a rabbi.

I would appreciate any information, as well as information about
Jewish community in Kastsyukovichy and around that could help.
P.S. I also suppose this surname variations:RISSENBERG

Thank you,
Pavel Risenberg
London, UK
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