Louis and Ida MILLER of Brooklyn (may have come from Ciechanowiec?) #general



I am searching for the descendants of Louis and Ida MILLER of Brooklyn, NY, along
with their immigration records. They were born around the early 1880s, based on
1930 Census information. They had three daughters, and the two enumerated with
them are named Diana (Dinah?)(born ca. 1904) and Freida (born ca. 1908). Louis was
a furrier.

By report, they came to the USA in 1920. Perhaps there was a name change.
Ida, who was also called "Eidel" or "Ada" was related somehow to a Fannie (Feige)
FEINBERG who was born Feige JARMUS in Ciechanowiec around 1863. However, they were
not sisters. Louis also went by Leibel, apparently, and may have come to the USA

Thanks for your kind attention to the above.

Evan W. Wolfson
Pittsburgh, PA

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