Identifying town in Russia #general

Hilary Osofsky

Dear Genners,

I have been unable to identify a town in Russia that was mentioned in a family
record. The name of the town is "Ghradan Kovna." My sense is that the name of
this town has been misspelled.

The pre-World War I results of the Town Finder were Gorodno / Horodnia, in the
Minsk Guberniya of Minsk Province; Gorodnya / Horodnia, in the Horodnia District
of Chernigov Province; and Hrodna / Hurodno, in the Grodno District of the
Province of Grodno. However, assuming the family came >from Kovno Guberniya (which
I believe to be the case), none of those towns would be correct. I also checked
with Radixindex and could find nothing comparable on that website either.

Does anyone have an idea about what the name of this town might be?

Please contact me at or at

Thanks in advance.

Hilary Osofsky
Orinda, California

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