With Warsaw Addresses, Can I search further? #general


Hi Genners,

I have discovered the Warsaw addresses of 2 members of my family and am wondering
if there is anything else I can do with this information to dig deeper. I will
give the specifics - any feedback is most welcome.

David and Feige Peril Nudelman and 3 children (Shmuel, Bayla Ruehle) were living at
17 Prosta Street in 1929. I know they emigrated to Australia but am interested in
knowing if there is any way to search info on them >from Poland, going backwards
from this date. I have the info since that date going forward.
David's brother Josef Nudelman lived at 43 Mila in 1937. He had a wife and a son
at the time (don't know the names). He survived the war in a Russian forced labor
camp and emigrated to Australia in 1947. I would be thrilled to discover the name
of his wife and son, if that's possible. They supposedly perished during the war.

There were other brothers and a sister that lived in Warsaw, all supposedly
having perished, leaving no info - for the time being.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Wendy Newman, San Francisco
researching Nudelman >from Pulawy and Warsaw

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