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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Robert Fraser >from Australia is looking for the missing words in a rhyme
his family used to sing when hiking. As I mentioned in my previous posting,
this cannot be a Viennese song, because of the word "Blumenkohl". Other
linguistic pointers to a German, as opposed to a Viennese origin, are the
words "Kartoffel" [Viennese = Erdapfel] & "Krumel" with umlaut [Viennese =
Brosel - with umlaut].

I have recipe books of my grandmother going back many, many years! These
books are also interesting genealogical resources as the recipes are prefaced,
for example, with "Tante Marie's Marillenknodel" etc

Robert, you can find the answer to your question in a German "Senior Citizens'
chat group"!
nb: one long URL

Translation of the German text: When we were schoolchildren, we used to sing
the following song at youth hostels before our meals. Does anyone still
remember it?

Well, Robert did [partially!].

Marmelade, Karbonade, Eisbein, Schnitzel, Blumenkohl,
Salat.... oh Erdbeertorte, oh Kuchenkrumel,
Bratkartoffeln.... wir haben Hunger, Hunger, Hunger,
haben Hunger, Hunger, Hunger, haben Hunger, Hunger,
Hunger, haben Durst ...!!

Celia Male [UK]

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