Help with finding cemetery in Providence Rhode Island #general


I know my grandparents were buried in Providence Rhode Island,
somewhere. My grandfather's name was Bernard Mogelever (Dov Ber), my
grandmother was Sarah Gibberman Mogelever. I am trying to find the
names of their parents. I do not know how to search cemetery lists,
not even sure if they are available. My ultimate goal is to get >from
my grandfather through his father to his grandfather. He claimed to be
the grandson of Rabbi Samuel Mohilewer. My children, who once did not
care, are now pushing me to prove his statement that "The Rabbi" of
Zionist fame was indeed related. I cannot find the link.

I also know that the Rabbi wrote two or three books and they are housed
in the Library of Congress. I once had them in my hands and was very
excited only to find out they were written in Yiddish. I had to hand
them back in. I was 21 years old with no money to copy them there at
the library page by page.

I know there are lots of Molivers in this country (I am a Mogelever)
who claim him. Judaica lists only one son, one grandson. My
grandfather does not fit in the scheme of things. Yet he told his
children that he and his grandfather had a discussion about him moving
to Israel. My grandfather refused, saying he did not want all the Jews
in the same place.

I have no clue why my grandfather would not know who his own
grandfather was and yet there is no proof of any of this.

bonnie Mogelever Pollack
Searching Mohilever and Pollacks >from Riga Latvia

MODERATOR NOTE: Several Rhode Island cemeteries are included in
JewishGen's Online Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR) at
<>. Searches for
"sounds like" Mogelever or Moliver yield no hits for any of
these Rhode Island cemeteries.

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