Cemeteries in Newark (USA) #general


I finally pinned it down. Instead of looking for cemeteries in Rhode
Island my search is focused on Newark. I am certain that my
grandparents were buried in a cemetery in Newark. I seem to recall
that it is only open for the Holidays since it is "dangerous,"whatever
that means.

The last name is MOGELEVER and first names Sarah Gibberman and
Bernard. My grandfather died in 1940 and she died about 1946 -1948.
I am looking for their parents names on the stone. Any help would be
appreciated. I would imagine if the cemetary is only opened once a
year it might be impossible to find out that information. I am new to

bonnie Mogelever Pollack
Searching POLLACK (RIGA LATVIA) POLIAK (any close spelling)

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