Lunch at the July Conference: Would you attend? #belarus


Hi, everyone. We are starting to plan the Belarus SIG activities at the
Jewish Genealogy conference in Los Angeles in July. We will have a SIG meeting.
We can also organize a SIG lunch as we have done in past years.

I would like to take a poll and find out how many people are interested in
attending a SIG lunch for about $30 (estimated cost--and this is really an
estimate might be less or slightly more) and do we have any volunteers who
would be interested in speaking at the lunch.

Please respond to me PRIVATELY (not to the SIG list) at sfingold@...
ONLY if you are thinking of attending the lunch.

If you are thinking of attending the lunch, does it make a difference to you
whether there is a speaker or not?

Do you have an idea for a speaker (yourself or someone else)? If so, please
provide name of person and topic.

Thank you!

Sharon Fingold
JewishGen Belarus SIG co-coordinator

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