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Zastawny, Michelle <Mzastawny@...>

I am doing my Family Tree (Zastawny) both side of my family came
here to the United States in the late 1800s >from Eastern Europe.
But everything STOPS once I am looking at Eastern Europe... I am realizing
that I need to have a better understand of the history of Ukraine...
What I am learning the Village of Zastawna / Zastavna is where my
family came from. I wasn't raised in the Jewish faith but in the Greek
Catholic (Ukrainian) faith, but that doesn't mean that some of my relatives
could be Jewish. When I look up Zastawna / Zastavna I read that this was a
very large Jewish Community is there any history about my roots in
your archives, especially before the 1900s? How would I find out about this,
Please advise.
By contact are below Thank you, Michelle

Surnames Zastawna, Zastawny, Czwakiel, Zagrodny

Michelle Zastawny (MickeyZ)
Detroit, Michigan 48226

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