Beirut Jewish cemetery online: Ashkenazi and Sephardic burials #general

Jeff at SG

In 1948 there were 24,000 Jews living in Lebanon, mostly in Beirut.
Today there are only 30 elderly individuals living in fear and the only
remaining vestiges of the Jewish community are the Magen Abraham
synagogue and the Jewish cemetery of Beirut. During the Lebanese civil
war the cemetery (in which a total of 3,300 Jews were buried) served as
a the boundary of the Christian Phalange forces, and though damaged by
bombs, was never desecrated by either side.

Nagi Georges Zeidan, a Lebanese Christian, undertook the task of
memorializing the Lebanese Jewish Community by researching its history
and creating a database of 3,184 tombstone inscriptions using both the
cemetery and civil registrations. The database - which includes both
Ashkenazi and Sephardic burials - is now part of the many searchable
databases in SephardicGen at
(French version)

Jeff Malka

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