ViewMate Translation: Russian to English (Jakob WEKSLER/Chana RADOSZYCKI) #general


I've posted on ViewMate the 1884 marriage certificate (VM15034) >from
Gowarczow, Poland for my great grandparents, Jakob WEKSLER and
Chana RADOSZYCKI. I'd like help in translating >from Russian to
English names, dates, and other pertinent information.

I believe that Jakob was born in Klobuck and that his family moved to
Plawno (and, later, to Czestochowa). I also believe that Chana was
born in Gowarczow to Mosiek RADOSZYCKI and Cylka (RUBIN) RADOSZYCKI.
Jakob and Chana moved to Konskie in about 1890. Jakob died in 1896,
and Chana remarried.

Here's a direct link to the certificate:

Thanks for your time and your help.

Jeff Wexler
Los Angeles, CA

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