NY Public Library Look Ups Offer #general

A. E. Jordan

I have done this in the past and I will offer again to do some look ups at
the New York Public Library for people. I do simple lookups for people --
ones that do not involve hours of research -- but I do ask you to cover my
costs of doing the research.

The types of things I can offer are:

NY State Census >from 1905, 1915, 1925 -- but you need to have an address
Vital Index lookups - the library has more indexes of births, deaths,
marriages than online
city directories
phone books

If I do this it would likely be on Monday this week and I only work at the
42nd Street building and the Science Industry and Business Library. (I can
not go to the Municipal Archives or NARA this week.)

If you have something you are looking for email me and we can discuss if it
is possible for me to help out.

Please understand that if you write me and say Uncle Moshe lived in
Manhattan can you find him my answer is no - that requires extensive time and
compensation -- but if you write and say Uncle Moshe lived at 86 Grand Street,
Manhattan in 1905 can you get me his Census record the answer is yes. Or
Uncle Moshe arrived in 1904 going to a person he says was his son at 123
Such and Such Street, Manhattan. Can you check them in the Census/City
Directory the answer is yes.

Also always happy to answer questions about NYC research/resources.

Allan Jordan

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