Chanowicz/Kanovitch/Kanofitz/and other variations #general


I've asked before but it never hurts to ask again!! Maybe someone is out there
reading every email and will realize they are related or have come across
something that sheds some light on Abraham KANOVITCH, author in 1929 of The Will
to Beauty, a critique of the works of Schopenhauer & Nietzsche. He was also a
portrait artist who was born in Lomza, Poland in 1885, came to the USA/NYC with his
family when he was young and later lived and worked in NYC and the Haverstraw area.
He was my grandmother's brother, my great uncle. I am looking for his burial site.
His wife is buried at Mt. Carmel but he has remained illusive. Thank you for
replying directly to me if you have any ideas or info!!
Carol Streem, Cleveland, Ohio
SMOLINSKY >from Poland to NYC
FRENKIEL >from Lomza and Pultusk, Poland to NYC (FRANKEL)
SOLONTZ >from Minsk to NYC (SALANT)

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