Re: David R. Berman - Browning & King Men's Clothing Store, New Haven, CT: Community Books #general

Joseph Fibel <jfibel@...>

Dear Joyce

If you are looking for families in the bigger cities (and some of the smaller ones
too) a good place to look is for a community book about the city. An excellent
source of information about such books is one the site of the
International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies. Hal Bookbinder & Joan
Rimnon put this together for the 2000 IAJGS summer seminar. Go to and
click on North American Community Books and click on CT. One such book appears:
Jews in New Haven, pub by the Jewish Historical Society of New Haven. 1978. You
can probably get this book through inter library loan >from your local public
library. There may also be an industrial directory for this town. The N H public
library reference librarian may also be able to help with this. Sometime businesses
of many years ago are still there but I looked for them on "switchboard" and don't
find them. I would also ask the reference librarian for the name of the N H
historian who ought to know something about the store and its owners. The local
newspaper(s) would certainly have information about the store. Ask the ref
librarian about this as well.

If you are really serious, the business record in the State Capital would have
information on the store and its owners. If you want to get imaginative, perhaps
the local paper would run an article for you similar to your posting here. I am
sure that there are people who know the answers for your questions locally,
possibly the former owners and/or their descendants.

Joe Fibel
New Rochelle, NY

I am seeking information regarding David R. Berman and the Browning & King Men's
Clothing Store in New Haven=, CT in connection with my father, Isidor Wilder who
came to the US >from Vienna, Austria through Southampton, England. On the ship
manifest it stated that he was going to David R. Berman in New Haven, CT.Through
my research on I learned that David R. Berman was born on 3/17/1893
and died on 1/26/1985. His last address was shown as 1508 Boulevard, New Haven
CT 06511.

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