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I am looking for information on the KATZ, KAMIENETSKI/KAMENETSKY and SLONOVIC/
SALONOVITZ families. Itzhchok and Tzvia/Civja KATZ were married married and lived
in Staklishakes. They had at least six children: Chaya Sara; Rochel; Lazer;
Hershel; Moishe; and Tzivia.

I am interested in Tzivia. Most of her siblings were born in Stasklishes, but the
Daf Eid filed with Yad Vashem indicates that she was born in Kovno. She married
Leib SLONOVIC/SALONVITZ, who was born in Radun. They had two children: Bella and
Manya. Bella married Zalman KAMIENETSKI/KAMENETSKY >from Krasne and had a child
Rivka. Zalman was killed at the beginning of the war and family history has it
that Bella and her baby daughter lived in the woods with partisan during the war
before immigrating to Israel. Zalman had at least two brothers, Shalom and Yosef
who were both killed during the war. Family legend also has it that Zalman was
part of the famous KAMENETSKY rabbinic family. After the war, Bella met Tuvya
SOSENSKY in a DP camp and they later had one child. I have been in contact with a
granddaughter of Bella in Israel but am interested in any information on the
families prior to their immigration to Israel.

The other daughter, Manya married Abraham Kagan, grandson of the Chofetz Chaim,
whose family tree I already know.

Linda Berkowitz
Northbrook, IL

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