Connection between HURWITZ and ABRAMOWITZ families 19th cent. #general

Yonatan Ben-Ari

My ggreatmother , Gittel ABRAMOWITZ, came to New Haven, Ct., USA >from Novarodok
(via Liverpool) during the latter half of the 19th century. As she was widowed
before she left Europe and remarried (either in Liverpool or in the states) she had
a different family name. As she came to the states with four children (>from her
first husband) they all remained ABRAMOWITZ. As far as we know , her profession was
silversmithing and she supposedly had a sliversmithing enterprise in New Haven till
she made aliya to Eretz Yisrael (Palestine) sometime in the beginning of the 20th
cent. I do have a general list of silversmiths working in New Haven at the time ,
but not knowing her new married name it does not help me. There is a rumor that
when they made aliya the sold their presises to Yale U. but the University said
to me that it would take ages to research that in their archives.

I presume that she came to New Haven as there is a strong family tradition that
there is a family connection with Rabbi Isaac Simcha HURWITZ who served as a rabbi
in Hartford, Ct. during the latter part of the 19th cent. until about 1935 (when he
deceased). We know that Rabbi HURWITZ came >from Novarodok and that his Palestinian
cousin a, shochet in Petach Tikva, R' Shimon HURWITZ, "adopted" (took into his
home) my great aunt, Miriam ABRAMOWITZ/KATZIN when she was orphaned >from both her
parents after WW!.

The families who are connected to this Rabbi HURWITZ are: PUCHOWITZ, BERMAN,
WAXMAN, RUDMAN and others. Many of members of these families said they "know we are
related" but no one alive today seems to know how. Someone said there is a family
tree mentioning our connection"floating around" somewhere but I have not been able
to locate it.

I am not sure if the connection is through the ABRAMOWITZ side or Gittel's side
(whose family name I do not know). A possible connection may be through the
ABRAMOWITZ side as there is an additional family tradition that which states that
an ABRAMOWITZ ancestor was the brother of the Rav of Novarodok , Rav Dovid (no
family name) son of Moshe of Kletzk. This Rabbi Dovid, also known for his
authorship of the "Galia Mesechta" was a contemporary of Rav Chaim of Volozhin who
lived about 200 years ago.

I would be very happy to hear >from anyone who may know the connection between our
families or happens to know where the family tree mentioned above may be found.

Happy Israeli Yom Ha'atmaut (Independence day).

Yoni Ben-Ari, Efrat, Israel

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